About us

Dear potential client,

The national and international economical context has determined frequent changes of the business environment and of the legislation in the area, for which reason companies need more and more personalized solutions accordance with their current activities, not only general services. A solution to insure the accordance with the law without increased costs comes from outsourcing the accounting services, the personal management and payroll.

In 2003, foreseeing these necessities we started up Fiscont at the initiative of CECCAR members that until that moment were rendering their services in private practices.

FiscontExpert Consult is an accounting firm, for accounting expertise and related services in the financial – tax payment sector that comes to meet the needs of its clients in offering them a wide range of specialized services meant to cover every problem they may encounter in their day by day activities, related to their accounts, tax payment, tax facilities etc.

We struggle to respect a few basic principles in our working relations:


mutual trust




For us people stand at the core of everything. Starting from scratch, we built our company relying on the professionalism, experience and dedication of our employees. Our team gathers together young people, with specialized training and studies, dynamic and open minded, capable of adjusting to new work environments and requirements. They include accounting experts, accounting experts in training, economists, psychologists, legal advisors, HR and IT specialists. We also have close working relations with lawyers specialized in trade law, and specialists in personal safety training or occupational medicine and other specialists in a manner to guarantee the quality and rapidity of the services we render.

We consider that our success is due to our policy that consists in offering high-quality professional services at fair prices and building a strong long-term relationship with our customers.

We think that “An increase in our client business means also an increase in our business!”

We render our services to small and medium enterprises with different activities , but also to non-profit organizations and other entities with single entry bookkeeping.

We thank you for your time and patience in reading our description and we invite you to know us better,

FiscontExpert Consult team